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The level of competence that you raise kids to should be a lesson to more schools. Kids can do it!

Judy Garcia,
New Visions for Public Schools

Global Kids' professional development services include a range of standards-based training opportunities for teachers, administrators, parents, counselors, and youth workers. Training sessions equip educators with strategies for building student interest in the curriculum by drawing parallels between academic content and critical global issues, current events, and personal concerns in students' lives and communities.

Global Kids offers innovative professional development packages, as well as customized trainings, that can be tailored to meet region and school-specific needs and provide practitioners with hands-on, practical training to help them work more effectively with youth. To learn more about our packages, please contact us at 212-226-0130 x 112 or at  

Download our Professional Development for Groups Brochure for more details on our training areas:

Service Learning
•    SL Package 1: The Basics of Service Learning
•    SL Package 2: Linking Curriculum and Service
        Option 1: Focus on Hunger and Poverty
        Option 2: Focus on Environmental Sustainability
•    SL Package 3: Youth Led Service Learning

Global Citizenship
•    GC Package 1: Global Citizenship 101
•    GC Package 2: Developing Global Citizens
•    GC Package 3: Children’s Rights Residency

Online Games-Based Education
•    GE Package 1: Games-Based Education 101
•    GE Package 2: Playing 4 Keeps Capacity Building Program

Digital Media and Online Expression
•    DM Package 1: Digital Expressions Program
•    DM Package 2: Bringing Virtual Worlds into the Classroom
•    DM Package 3: Digital Media Capacity Program

Creating Caring School Communities
•    CC Package 1: Caring Community Foundation Trainings
•    CC Package 2: Building Youth Leadership and Youth Voice
•    CC Package 3: Interactive Teaching Strategies
•    CC Package 4: Peer Mediation Train the Trainer

For more information or to register, please call: 212-226-0130 or e-mail